The Note in the Bottle was Blank

  I  have done it again.  It almost seems like I am avoiding the things I said that I wanted to to do.  I have to finish editing Chapter 1 of Notes from Nowhere and the pictures so that I can post the posts in a timely manner.

Now I don’t recall where I was going with this thought when I started it.  It seems like a lot has happened, actually days have happened since I started this entry.  I want to call these entries instead of posts.  This is my journal…not really a blog  (although I am using a blog format).  I reserve the right to misspell if I call it a journal.  The main goal here is keeping the rhythm of the pen.  If you want a more polished read than check out Notes From Nowhere.  Note 4 is just a couple days old.  Here I want to free myself and others from the misconception that writing appears.  In truth writing grows, grows out of dung.  So I am allowing myself to hang out there somewhat.

Till next time….

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