These Dog Daze


If my Nutmeg spoke English, could articulate her frustrations, she would describe her hardships every 4th of July. Sheltering herself under my desk only added to her fear and confusion about the celebrations.

Ketchikan, Alaska celebrated in the rain this year.  Yes, the parade continued because The Tongass National Rainforest could not stop floating patriotism. It did postpone the official fireworks, though.  Yet the unofficial neighborhood variety, had been a continual source of naked fear for Nutmeg all week.   She just shivered through it, praying World War Three would end and we could go for a walk.

Tonight the official assault on Nutmeg’s sense of peace, will pop a patriotic cloud over Deer Mountain.  We (the bald tail-less one, that walk funny) will enjoy this nonsense, while my dog snoozes in a doped daze.

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