Note 11: Bacon Bites

“Those are not your Sweet n’ Lows, Egghead.”  Mr. Milne said.

        “They are too. I got them right here out of my purse.”  Egghead said raising her purse at him.

From the floor, Dabs raised his head, “I don’t think you should yell at the child.  She’s suffering a great loss.”

“Egghead?” Mr. Milne asked in the tone that could push the girl’s heavy head

down to the table.

Dabs about to defend the troubled girl, stopped because something was off

in a delicious way, “You put bacon in the chili?”

“No just the grease.”

“Oh that makes sense.” Dabs said laying back down to cover his head but before his head reached the floor he asked, “Can I have a piece of bacon?”

“I would but I give them to the dog.”   Noodle said to the light of his cellular.

Dabs was about to ask, “What dog?” when a scratching at the door answered.

Dabs rolled himself into a standing position and opened the door.    A Blue Healer stood in the doorway with a string of drool connecting his mouth to the ground.

“Here give him these.”    Noodle handed Dabs a paper plate filled with bacon.

Dabs intercepted a few pieces.   Chewing on the soft fat, Dabs threw the rest to

the dog.

“Oh he’s not going to like that at all.  Normally, it’s all his.” Noodle said.

“So what, he’s just a dog.”   Dabs said.

“Who can lift a leg,” Noodle waved his spatula toward the dog.

Dabs felt the warmth seep inside his shoe.

“What the…get out of here you stupid dog!”  Dabs danced around shaking his foot.

“That was unnecessary verbal violence. Blue does not need that in his life.”

Egghead said.

“He pissed on me!”  Dabs said still shaking his pant leg.

“You did eat his bacon?”  Mr. Milne said.

“That sausage with a tail does not need anymore bacon!”  Dabs said limping up stairs to change his pants.


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