What is this?

I journal in order to avoid the block of plank page that strangles ideas with a noose of fear.  My pen moves past mistakes and misspellings because they are just steps to the next great creation.   The only rule is  that I must keep pen to paper for at least half an hour regardless of the sappy gibberish that comes out.  Editing at this time kills the magic of art.  The unintended is the only true guest at this table.  I want to share at least part of this experience in this blog .  I’m not sure if the sharing might be murder by boredom for any reader who stumbles upon this site.  I’m looking to create an atmosphere of freedom.  It feels like a free-fall.  I hope that people find these pages of writing exercises funny or meaningful but if not,  I don’t know what to tell you. This is a journal.

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