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Note 15: The Queer Heart

The Noodle Files (continued):


Two weeks ago, Noodle was coming out of Walt-mart when he found a perfect heart shaped rump roast sticking, out of a passenger side door. It’s gravitational force pulled Noodle to the truck. The woman attached to the perfection was struggling with an animal in the front seat. Not knowing what to do, Noodle starred. Feeling the heat on her behind, the women looked up. When the woman stood up fully, Noodle got a full view of the front seat. Blue sat wearing a doggie shirt. Each fiber of it worked hard to maintain itself around the Blue Healer’s belly. Noodle chuckled until his eyes met Blue’s. Tail stone -still, Blue refused eye contact.

Sorry Dude. Noodle thought.

“You want something?” Her hand was or that glorious hip.

Noodle shook it off. “Uh, I thought you might need some help, with the dog I mean.

Her hand relaxed off of her hip,” Oh well I can’t get the seat belt to latch over Blueberry’s belly.” Blueberry? Noodle asked.

Blue let out a guttural grown.

“I just adopted him. The poor thing has been living on the street!

The poor thing. Noodle watch the dog sink low into the seat. He apologized as he tried to buckle the seat belt around the sausage of fur. Defeated, Blue sacked in his bacon fat and the seat-belt clicked into place. Everyone, including the seatbelt groaned

“I don’t get it he was so skinny when I found him. Now he’s too fat for any of shirts. The dog sighed, having no room nor energy for a full groan. “It’s like someone else is feeding because I’ve dropped him down to half a cup of Kibbles and he’s still gaining weight.”

Blue’s eyes dug into Noodle’s soul and a voice pleaded soft screams into his ear. “Dude, don’t tell her about the bacon.”

Noodle answered in the echos of his own mind. Are you really talking to me in my head? or am I tripping.

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A.E. LaSage In her series of shorts, Behind the Bridge to Nowhere, A. E. LaSage introduced a collection of characters who live their fiction in Ketchikan, Alaska. They continue to live beyond those pages and (with others) appear in new adventures. A bit of a character herself, she enjoys finding the absurd and personal in the ordinary.

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