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Colorful Excuse #1

I don’t have Note 16 in my on-line story yet, but I have a good excuse. . . .

An orb descended from the sky and landed in my backyard. Nutmeg, the best guard dog at a safe distance, barked the alarm until I got up from my computer to take a look. I had been hard at work trying to make a book out of a blog; I just wanted the pages of my on-line story to flow. This problem consumed me until I looked out my window to find a little green man with almond-shaped eyes standing by my bushes taking a leak. He turned around and zipped his fly.

“Hi I’m Alfred. I hope you don’t mind.” He gestured to my Azalea he had just used as a toilet.

“It’s OK I think they like acidic soil:” I said.

That’s when I noticed the nothing coming from the dog. Looking around, I found Nutmeg trying to squeeze herself behind the flat-screen TV. Evidently, firecrackers and little green men are just too much for her.

“Do you have a light?” Alfred asked with a cigarette dangling from his mouth.” I’ve had a hell of a ride running from the History Channel”.


A.E. LaSage In her series of shorts, Behind the Bridge to Nowhere, A. E. LaSage introduced a collection of characters who live their fiction in Ketchikan, Alaska. They continue to live beyond those pages and (with others) appear in new adventures. A bit of a character herself, she enjoys finding the absurd and personal in the ordinary.

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