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Excuse #2: This is Serious

The History Channel
Image by kevin dooley via Flickr

The one bottle I found this week was empty except for this note:

Dear A.E. LaSage,

We must inform you that you are harboring a fugitive from our investigative series. You must hand him over or else we will candy-coat your brains with re-runs of our most biased view on everything not related to history. May you find peace and joy in this holiday season.


A low-level customer service rep from The History Channel who needs no name.

I turned to Alfred, the little green man who had smoked my last carton of cigarettes,”What have you gotten me into?”


A.E. LaSage In her series of shorts, Behind the Bridge to Nowhere, A. E. LaSage introduced a collection of characters who live their fiction in Ketchikan, Alaska. They continue to live beyond those pages and (with others) appear in new adventures. A bit of a character herself, she enjoys finding the absurd and personal in the ordinary.

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