An Identy Theaving Alien and A Sitcom from the Seventies

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So I haven’t posted and I’m really sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, dear reader except for the  little green guy, Alfred has kidnapped my password and he has sold my email to every solicitor in the phone book.  It only took him two weeks to lean how to read human English. He had told me that it would have taken him one week but he had to study in front of the TV. (He said it helped his A.D.D. problem.)  During his studies, he watched old reruns of “Soap“. He laughed his nasal whistle of  a laugh through every episode. After the second time through the series, he started quoting his favorite lines. Some of the time I thought he was making me tea, but even without the Black English swill I thought he was happy. I thought he’d stay out of trouble.

I believe he’s gone now at least for right now because he and his buddies are in Hollywood.  I know this because Alfred sent me a postcard. The card said:

” Hi, having a great time.  Thought I saw Billy, on the beach. However, this guy didn’t respond to “Jody” and he wouldn’t give me an autograph, so this could not be my beloved Billy Crystal.  So I’m going to keep looking. See you in the flip-side.”

He’s going to be back sooner than he thinks because I’ve cancelled all of my credit cards.

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