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With a week off work (HURRAY!) and a staycation in sight, I thought about what could I do and a thought flashed through my mind as I recalled one of the biggest news last week in the literary world – the Pulitzer Prize saga.
It is the first time since 1917 that the 18-member board failed to name a winner for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction from the three finalists that were submitted, citing their inability to reach a majority vote as the main reason for the outcome.

Such move resulted in an outburst in the literary world.

Dailies, magazines and the online world were abuzz with indignant voices. Maureen Corrigan, one of the three members of the Pulitzer jury for fiction, expressed her anguish towards the decision on the Washington Post.

“That terrible news capped what was otherwise the greatest honor of my career as a book critic and…

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A.E. LaSage In her series of shorts, Behind the Bridge to Nowhere, A. E. LaSage introduced a collection of characters who live their fiction in Ketchikan, Alaska. They continue to live beyond those pages and (with others) appear in new adventures. A bit of a character herself, she enjoys finding the absurd and personal in the ordinary.

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