A Moment to Write

I’m looking for fresh freedom like a dog smelling everything, rejecting nothing, just letting it pass as it always does.  This is a place where rules don’t apply, a moment where everything is just fine.

This isn’t the picture I wanted for this post, but it will do. The picture I wanted and loved, I lost due to a a corrupt SD card. I know this sounds like a technological harlequin gone bad, but it’s actually the truth.

The picture I’m grieving for is of my Nutmeg with her nose out the window, the breeze from the car’s speed combing through her fur. The dog and her happiness is only part of the photograph. The rest of it passes, showing our movement in the car. The punchline is in the perspective. The image of Nutmeg is a reflection in the side
mirror. Only the guard rail and the passing trees are real.

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