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Start with the Cover

I thought this was inspiring. I love the idea of the book cover as a vision board inspiring the writer to write the story so thought I’d pass this along.

Live to Write - Write to Live

I subscribe to many writers’ newsletters. Sometimes I have the time to take a look at them, more often than not, I end up deleting them (and feeling a little guilty about it.) I just don’t have the time to read them all.

But it was the post title (and the recommendation from a friend who told me to “build it and they will come” ) from that intrigued me enough to open a particular email during a lull one weekend.

The title was “How to Make your Ebook a Run-Away Success: An Interview with Jim Kukral.” I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the marketing of ebooks lately what with all the hype around 50 Shades of Grey – the Twilight fan fiction that went nuts based on word of mouth. When done effectively, there is some potent mo-jo around emarketing of ebooks.

In a…

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The Truth Is

I bet I don’t have to tell you that Alfred the little green guy with boobs is fictional. I don’t think anyone out there really believes that there is a slug of an alien trying on my bras so I’m going to tell the truth.

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World-Wide Web of Writers

What can I say? I’ve been missing from my site. The pen is moving faster than the brain, which is what I want really. This is how I beach-comb for bottles. I write nothing until something, out of nowhere, appears. My excuse for my static pen is the many pages of nothing cluttering the flow of story. (Funny side note: Just now I missed the space between “pen” and “is” and gave myself a giggle.) It is this kind of thought process that leads to the creative work in my art and the problem I face everyday of my life; organization. Whether I am planning a party, cleaning my closet or organizing a blog, I tend to lack an element of clarity, the kind someone else could follow. You with me?

I write for myself. The process of writing and the fiction it produces surprises me, teaching me a bit more about life. Thus I am the first reader of every word I write. I look for new connection between the elements in the world I can’t understand. Fast sloppy, pens write the necessary nothings, yet they pile in mounds of clutter and hide insites. A reader, including myself needs to navigate through these artistic jungles. This is where I have been stuck. What use to be two blogs, a serialized story and a notebook is now one big mess.

Paralyzed, I started asking questions such as, what am I doing with this blog and more importantly why bother? Answers cut through the darkness of doubt and this is what came up with: I would like to a place to develop characters, while I sharpen my writing skill and connect with a world- wide web of writers Once I found my answers, the notes and bottles of my blog made sense to me. It may take me a week or two to complete my reorganization, but so far it’s looking good.